Our services in Water cover Infrastructure development in rural, small towns and peri-urban areas, pro-poor service delivery models in urban areas and development of entrepreneurship in water service delivery.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Hydro-geological assessments;
  • Drilling of boreholes and installation of hand pumps;
  • Mechanization of small towns water supply schemes using solar pumps;
  • Microfinance in Water Service delivery;
  • Strengthening supply chains and improving access to spare parts for rural water supply;
  • Innovating business models for water entrepreneurship;
  • Treatment and distribution of drinking water in medium-sized cities.

Products under Water

E-Spare Parts and The Community Water Monitoring System

SkyFox has developed a proprietary Community Water Monitoring System. The platform provides a convenient, accessible and efficient linkage between spare part suppliers, Area Mechanics and rural communities. It enables communities to:

  • Report breakdown of water systems using an interactive menu;
  • Report functionality status of pumps (whether working or faulty);
  • Order, pay for spare parts, get them delivered and fixed at a three-day maximum lead time.

The technology runs on every telecommunication network in Ghana and does not require internet, phone credit, or a smartphone to work. By dialling *714*55# a menu suite pops up. Once the menu comes up, the user simply types in an assigned number to follow the menu prompts. If a user wants to order an item, the part code for the item is needed. The codes can be found in an accompanying user manual. Orders for spare parts are paid for in full via mobile money before items are dispatched. Reliable delivery agents have been coordinated to ensure orders arrive anywhere in the country within 24 hours.

The GWCL Self-billing System (under development)

SkyFox Limited, in partnership with Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) and Community Partnership for Health and Development, was awarded a grant from VIA Water to implement a project on SMS self-billing of water tariffs in Ghana. This innovation allows customers of Ghana Water Company Limited to self-bill and pay their water tariffs using USSD. The system also allows customers to report illegal connections, theft and leakages which account for about 51% of Non-Revenue Water in the company’s operations. This project is currently on-going and is an attempt to reduce remarkably the cost involved in billing and collecting tariffs, as well as reduce Non-Revenue Water.

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