Vision & Mission

Our Vision

SkyFox Ltd envisions to be a credible development leader providing innovative and sustainable solutions for prosperous Africa.

Our Mission

SkyFox mission is to improve lives through people-centered business innovations in Food, Energy, Water, Sanitation and Shelter (FEWS).

Our Strategic Objectives (SO)

The strategic objectives of SkyFox Ltd include:

  • SO1: Attain global standards and quality in home grown agricultural value chains;
  • SO2: Promote and adapt affordable, renewable energy solutions for industry and households;
  • SO3: Provide superior and scalable market-led approaches in water, sanitation and hygiene;
  • SO4: Improve access to affordable housing products and services to the public;
  • SO5: Deploy state-of-the-art systems and technologies in our core portfolios.
  • SO6: Cultivate an effective and competent organization driven by highly motivated staff.

Our Value System

Our corporate beliefs, principles and practices are not only consistent with good corporate governance, but committed to ethical and competitive business and development initiatives. We are committed to the following as prescribed in our value system:

  • We pursue responsible, transparent and ethical transactions;
  • We uphold the tenets of integrity and accountability;
  • We comply with laws, regulations and internal policies;
  • We commit to investing in people and communities;
  • We promote a healthy and sustainable environment;
  • We invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR); and
  • We are driven by innovative and competitive business and development practices.

SkyFox applies these values to strengthen its market position and competitive leadership in the areas in which it operates.

Some Key Achievements

Over the past couple of years, SkyFox has proudly made the following, among other several remarkable, achievements:

  • We developed a web-based system (Eteller Africa) for the registration of households under the National Health Insurance Scheme;
  • We developed the Foxpay card payment system to facilitate non-cash transactions in West Africa;
  • We developed a mobile application for reporting borehole handpump status and ordering of borehole parts;
  • We developed a system of linking Communities and Area Mechanics to spare part suppliers for on-time delivery of borehole parts and fixing of broken well water systems within a three-day period;
  • We developed an integrated aquaculture and crop production innovation for effective use of water and leasing them to farmer groups and individuals enabling them to co-produce and co-prosper with us;
  • We supporting government’s policy formulation in water, sanitation & hygiene;
  • We introduced a Pilot Capitation Grant for National Health Insurance designed to reduce the excessive prescription to patients and reduce bill load on National Health Insurance Authority in Ghana; and
  • We provided and are managing water irrigation infrastructure to farmers to ensure year-round crop production.

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