The Water & Sanitation Monitoring System

SkyFox Ltd in partnership Community Water and Sanitation Agency and IRC of Netherlands with the support of the Dutch Government has rolled out the SkyFox e-commerce platform in the Greater Accra, Northern and Brong Ahafo Regions through the SMARterWASH Project.

The SMARTerWASH project is aimed at tackling the long term challenges of sustainable water supply by contributing to a shift from an infrastructure perspective to service delivery approach. The need for this approach became apparent following high attrition rates in relation to the replacement and repair of Hand Pumps in rural communities. It has long been assessed that beneficiary communities had not been able to replace and or repair broken down pumps due to difficulties in communicating the break down to the Area Mechanic and the inherent delays in procuring spare parts.

The SkyFox platform enables the reporting of functional status of water facilities, send SMS alerts in reporting breakdowns, checking the prices of spare parts and subsequently making orders all with the use of the mobile phone. Payments for ordered parts are effected via Mobile Money Transfers.

After payments have been made and confirmed electronically, customers are assured of a maximum of 3 days delivery via our delivery system.

Other Products

We are bringing on board other consumer products right into your community and where ever you live. Taking cognizance of our slogan to utilize technology to solve social challenges, we are focusing on ensuring that you get the school textbook for your ward or child from Nursery to SHS. In this way, textbooks would be made available to anyone anywhere.

For those pursuing ICA professional courses, efforts will be made to partner the Institute to deliver the manuals right at your door step.

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