Access to Improved Latrines:

We offer the ECO-SAFE brand of bio-digester toilets for households, schools, health facilities and public places. This toilet requires no dislodging once installed, completely odour-free and requires little space to construct and little amount or no water to flush. A small bio-digester replaces the need for a substructure or septic tank. Faecal sludge is digested within five hours once deposited in the digester. It can be adapted for poor urban communities, rural households, water-logged areas, areas without access to adequate water, and markets. SkyFox Ltd is the only partner in Ghana that has been trained on the ECO-SAFE Toilet Technology by its inventor, VULPEC Ltd. We also offer bio-gas toilets for clients who desire to harvest gas for cooking or generating electricity for their own use.

Solid Waste Management

We contribute to improved solid waste management through waste-to-energy solutions, plastic recycling and composting of organic fractions of municipal waste.

Municipal Faecal Sludge Treatment
We offer innovative sewerage treatment solutions that require less than 10% of space for treating similar volumes of faecal sludge using existing treatment methods, requiring no stabilization ponds, and no energy or mechanical aerators. Maintenance costs are less than 10% of conventional sewerage treatment systems, requiring only mid-level technicians to maintain.

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