SkyFox partners Charity:water, CWSA to install sensors on water pumps in Ghana

Skyfox Limited, in partnership with Charity: water and the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), is installing 1,000 AFD-2 water sensors in different communities selected from ten regions of Ghana.

The water sensors distributed by Charity: water, will be installed on AFRIDEV pumps located in various communities selected for this purpose. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the partners – SkyFox Limited, CWSA, and Charity: water – was signed recently and implementation is now in progress. The very first set of the water sensors has arrived and has been installed at Kramoman in the Amasaman District.

The pumps, when installed, will capture relevant information for real time monitoring of the performance of the boreholes, e.g. volume (litres) of water pumped and daily usage statistics.  The data collected will help reveal the fluctuations in water flow and consumption as well as significantly reduce downtime and repair time.

How it works: when there is a fault with the hand pumps, information will be transmitted to sensor within the shortest possible time. The managers of the technology will then inform the appropriate authority to enable them fix it as soon as possible. This eliminates the inconveniences where rural communities had to wait for weeks or months before getting their hand pumps repaired.

Besides, with the lack of accurate data on water consumption in Ghana, the data accrued will be made available to local governments and relevant agencies, to enable decision makers to understand water use in their own communities. It avails a chance for the country to produce highly trusted information on water in the rural community water supply scheme.

The sensor was developed by Charity Global Inc. known as Charity: water, an independent grassroots organization based in New York City working to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. In 2012, Charity: water won a $5 million technology grant from to develop a sensor that would monitor and transmit data on water flow from on the pumps it has supplied around the world.

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