SkyFox Madina aquaculture and crop production project: A Centre of attraction

The joint SkyFox and National Community Development, Vocational and Technical Institute (NCDVTI) aquaculture and crop production project, located on the school premises, has become a centre of attraction in the community and to several other institutions.

The first phase of the project has recorded a very impressive outcome with the expected maturity period for the fish having reduced from six to four months, according to the Country programme Manager, Mumuni Samyuri.

“There’s no magic about this; the success rate was as a result of availability of highly committed Site Manager and the use of the project as an opportunity for practical teaching and learning for the students by the institute. Feeding, cleaning, and draining of used water for instance are all done at the right time, ensuring that the fish develops in the most conducive environment,” Said Mr. Samyuri.

The Madina School Project, as it is usually referred to, is similar to the Securing Water for Food (SWFF) Project that SkyFox has been implementing at Dambai and Adawso in the Oti and Eastern Regions respectively since 2017 with the exception of the target beneficiaries.

The site has so far seen to the production of about 3,000 catfish and a hectare of maize, lettuce and pepper farm.

In 2017, SkyFox Limited signed an MoU with the National Community Development Vocational and Technical Institute, which was meant to be beneficial to at least 500 students and staff of the school.

Under the MoU, SkyFox Limited financed the cost of fingerlings, fish feed, and the construction of ten surface fish ponds capable of producing a total of 15 tons of fish every six months. In addition, the company also financed the construction of the irrigation land for the production of vegetables and other crops.

SkyFox Limited also provides extension services and training for the students and staff on the SkyFox biological filtration technology system for intensive aquaculture.

The NCDVTI on other hand, made provision for the land and water supply to execute the project as well as assign students to manage the fish ponds and crops on a daily basis, under the supervision of SkyFox experts. They also ensured students and teachers completed a full cycle training in aquaculture and crop production.

At a recent visit to the site by officials from the SkyFox Head Office, the headmistress of the school, Mrs. Rachael Kpelle, expressed her profound gratitude to SkyFox for bringing on board such an initiative. According to her, the project keeps attracting people and institutions to the school and it has become a model that others want to imitate.

According to her, the project has provided encouraging relief to the institute as it is helping in food supplies (fish, maize and vegetables) to the students and income generation through the sale of some of the produce.

According to Mr. Samyuri, more institutions have already approached SkyFox and are looking forward to engaging the company along similar lines.

By Afi Aklayikoe

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