Chief lauds SkyFox Project in Wankayaw

Nana Kwame Chikpa II, Chief of Wankayaw, near Dambai in the Krachi East Municipality, has lauded SkyFox Limited’s efforts at bringing massive development to help alleviate poverty and improve standard of living in his community.

Speaking to the Communication Team from SkyFox in March 2019, the Gyaasehene to the Chunke stool said he was excited about the fact that his community was chosen for the project and surprised with the progress so far.

The Chief said what excites him most about the project was the fact that SkyFox Limited did not seem to be looking out for its own interest but rather the interest of the people living in the community therefore making the whole project a laudable initiative.

He added that farming is the main occupation of the people in Wankayaw and surrounding communities and the farmers, he said, relied gravely on the rains which usually start from May to September. According him harvesting is done once a year, therefore, in years that record little or no rain, very little is harvested eventually affecting the standard of living. After harvesting, he said, most of the people became idle until the following year.

When asked whether there had been any project of this magnitude in the community before, Nana Chikpa said this was the first of its kind that he was witnessing in the district.

SkyFox limited has extended its Securing Water For Food (SWFF) Project to the Krachi East Municipality of the Oti Region, locating the project at Wankayaw, near Dambai, the Municipal capital. The site currently employs about 150 people, which includes farmers, security personnel and farm managers. The site is being used for aquaculture activities and crop production. These products, after harvest, will be sold and the gains divided amongst the farmers and beneficiaries.

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