It's been an encouraging year - CEO

The year 2019 has been an encouraging one for a fast-growing international social enterprise like SkyFox Limited, and the horizon seems even brighter in the years ahead. All our major projects were implemented with keen interest regardless of the resource constraints we have had to contend with.

The spotlight during the year, however, was with the Securing Water For Food (SWFF) project; an initiative that keeps attracting interest from several institutions and individuals in all our project countries.

Results and feedback from Ghana and Sierra Leone in particular have been full of encouragement. In both countries, for instance, a couple of institutions have already signed Memoranda of Understanding with SkyFox for partnerships in aquaculture, drawing inspiration from the SWFF project, while many more have expressed similar interest. The high-profile visit to the SWFF Project site in Sierra Leone by the US Ambassador during the year also provided a lot of inspiration.

Our affiliate and main distributer of our products – Mamarazzi Food Company Limited – is also gradually gaining grounds and grabbing faithful clients. The volume of fish sold during the years is encouraging and hopefully the company will become a household name within the next few years as the preferred hub for organic fish supplies in West Africa.

Our innovative instincts for water supply also saw us installing tracking devices on hundreds of water points in Ghana in partnership with charity: water and the Community Water and Sanitation Agency to facilitate real time monitoring of the functionality, putting SkyFox a step ahead in technology innovation for water supply.

Management fondly acknowledges the hard work of our staff and their hunger to excel even during turbulent times, raising our company to its current admirable level. While management profoundly acknowledges your continuous dedication, we hope to overcome every challenge and maintain SkyFox as the place to work in the years ahead.

Wishing all partners, affiliates and staff a Happy New Year in advance.

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