Welcome to Mamarazzi Food Co. Ltd;
he Sole Distributor
of SkyFox Food Products.

We are the Sole Distributors of all SkyFox food products.

Mamarazzi is your preferred source of Catfish (Adwene) and Tilapia in all its forms – fresh, smoked, dried, roasted, grilled, peppered, however you want it! We have available and on demand, large quantities of smoked, dried, roasted, ready-to-grill, Catfish (Adwene) at reasonable prices. Mamarazzi offers lunch solutions as well, ready to serve you as an individual with hot Banku, Catfish, Tilapia in your preferred processed form, with hot pepper and vegetables. We also undertake bulk catering services for your parties, conference, funeral, weddings and all social events.

Contact Mamarazzi today on 0249217081(Albert), 0246323825 Shine), 0505590620 (Sarah).

More about Mamarazzi Food Company Ltd.

Mamarazzi Food Co. Ltd is a subsidiary of SkyFox Ltd. and its establishment has been supported by the Securing Water for Food (SWFF) Project.

Appointed as the sole distributor of SkyFox Food products, Mamarazzi customers are assured of chemical-free fish since there are trained personnel to ensure that production facilities meet all environmental standards for hygienic production.

Away from the ponds, our professional caterers, dieticians and food scientists ensure that the fish is handled in most hygienic conditions during processing and value addition, making the safety of consumers their number one priority.

Catfish in all forms; make a choice and call us


We buy from the large-scale SkyFox Aquaculture Facilities located in carefully selected and chemical-free production sites and facilities in Ghana that meet all environmental standards for hygienic production and make them available to you at your doorstep.

We also operate numerous and fast spreading Catfish and Tilapia Food Joints in Ghana. Visit the Mamarazzi Fish Point near you today and experience the Catfish (Adwene) or Talipia lunch with a difference. You may also order our catering services at any time for any occasion.

Call us on 024 9217081 (Albert), 0246323825 (Shine), 0505590620 (Sarah).