SkyFox Limited is a private social enterprise with headquarters in Ghana, but with a regional business focus in West Africa.

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We currently operate in 5 countries including Burkina Faso, Guinea, Sierra Leone (overseeing a field office in Liberia) and Ghana. We provide innovative technical and social solutions to challenges in water, sanitation, and agri-business. Throughout West Africa, over the last decade, we have delivered quality services to the utmost satisfaction of our clients, both local and international. This has spurred our rapid growth and expansion of operations in the region. Our expansion plan covers setting up offices in Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire, as well as launching of our innovations in renewable Energy and Affordable Housing soon.

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Our Projects

The Securing Water for Food project (SWFF)

The Securing Water for Food (SWFF) grant to SkyFox’s Integrated Aquaculture and Crop Production (IACP) innovation is currently on-going in West Africa. IACP was motivated by the following challenges in the sub-region’s agricultural landscape:

  • Inefficient and ineffective use of water resources in West Africa;
  • Market opportunity for fish in Ghana and West Africa;
  • Growing unemployment and poverty in West Africa;
  • High cost of infrastructure for aquaculture and commercial food crop farming;
  • Lack of expertise to run fish farms by majority of potential fish farmers in West Africa;
  • Limited geographical locations with suitable water for commercial fish farming;
  • Cumbersome procedures for acquiring needed permits to construct fish ponds and irrigation systems;
  • Communities blessed with/without natural resources but do not know how to engage in aquaculture production; and
  • Inadequate participation of majority of the poor in economic opportunities.

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The three-year project is currently being implemented in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. It will be scaled-up to Liberia by the last quarter of 2019.

It is being financed through a mix of grant, debt and equity: a grant of $2m has already been secured from SWFF administered by USAID on behalf of SWFF including the Governments of the United States, Sweden, South Africa, and the Netherlands. SkyFox will provide a matching fund of $2.5 million to be mobilized from investors and other potential donors.

The IACP focus is on efficient utilization and reuse of water. Water used for aquaculture production is bio-filtrated and reused another round or level of aquaculture production before being channeled through an irrigation system for crops production. IACP constructs aquaculture and irrigation infrastructure for leasing to community groups and youth entrepreneurs. Between 2017 and 2020, 3,400 fish ponds will be constructed and 2,040 hectares of land will be put under irrigation for leasing to farmer groups in all the project countries. The project intends to benefit at least 550,000 beneficiaries through leasing, trading or direct employment in the process.

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The VIAWater Project

The overall goal is to streamline the billing, revenue collection and customer relationship processes of Ghana Water Company Limited. The project has the following objectives.

  • Test the potential of a USSD system that enables customer self-billing and payment of water tariffs at scale;
  • Assess the social, environmental and economic factors that are necessary for the successful deployment and user adoption of the system;
  • Assess the actual and potential contribution of the system to improve the financial performance of utilities and water services for consumers;
  • Test the potential of social control to check illegal connections.

Though still on-going, here are a few outcomes from the project:

  • USSD platform has been fully customized and deployed;
  • Over 10,000 customers have been enrolled onto the platform;
  • Over 2,000 customers have already received training on the use of the ICT platform;

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  • About 1,200 customers have been billed within the last two months;
  • Eighteen Meter Readers have been engaged as trainer of trainers and taking field data on daily basis;
  • Marketing agents have been engaged and involved in promoting the SMS in various households; and
  • Customers and other citizens can now report leakages, via SMS/pictures, on their smart phones.

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The GAMA Household Toilets Project

SkyFox Limited is a partner in the implementation of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area Sanitation and Water Project (GAMA SWP). Within the wider GAMA SWP, SkyFox is currently constructing household toilets on a large scale as the Contractor within the Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA). The company also provides similar services on a smaller scale in Tema, Madina, Adenta, Ga South and the Ga Central Municipal Assemblies.

To implement this project, SkyFox works based on contractual agreements with the respective Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies, as well as the GAMA Project Coordinating Unit and the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, together with other third-party service providers.

The project, which started in 2017, has annual targets; target for 2018 was 1,000 household toilets while 2019 targets 2,000 toilets. As at February, 2019, we had already constructed about 1,500 toilets within the project. SkyFox offers the ECO-SAFE brand of bio-digester toilets for households, schools, health facilities and public places as the only partner in Ghana that has been trained on that toilet technology by its inventor, VULPEC Ltd.